Company Timeline

Our History


At the start of 1990, an idea was born about an independent entrepreneurial path. The GEAPRODUKT trgovsko podjetje na debelo in drobno d.o.o. company was established after an elaborate market analysis and contemplation on how to develop an entrepreneurial concept with low capital and a lot of will, which will lead into quick growth and safe business.

The company’s beginning with a business centre in Rudnik was focused on retail trade – discount sales, wholesale and buying local production, and the import of fruit and vegetables from various parts of the world.

Company founder

Mr. Avdo Ramčilović, uni. dipl. org. dela.

Opening the first independent discount store in Ljubljana – Šiška and the development of wholesale in Emona, Mercator, Perutnina, Jestvina Koper.

Purchase and opening of the second discount store in Maribor PC Pobrežje and the start of a collaboration with the SPAR SLO chain of shops. Entering the Hungarian market.


Start of collaboration with the Luka Koper, building new cooling and banana ripening facilities. Opening the third discount store PC Ruda Izola.

Opening the discount store PC Levec, PC Trbovlje.


Opening the discount store PC Celje.


Specialisation and segmentation of the approach towards marketing to chains of shops, HORECA, public clients, wholesalers, associations of retail traders and other buyers for further use.


Intergenerational transfer of business to the younger generation in the family company.

Moving to a new location (Dolenjska cesta 242) and setting up the latest rack shelf warehouse and cooling facility that guarantees all necessary temperature regimes with the adequate number of cooling facilities, guaranteeing relative humidity. Setting up cooling and banana ripening facilities with the latest technology.


We launched a new service to all households – our online shop.


We received the Global G.A.P. Certificate.


We received the IFS Certificate.

IFS FOOD is one of the standards certified by the GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative association and is one of the most renowned certificates on global level. It unites the requests of the HACCP System according to the Codex Alimentarius, good products, business and hygienic practices, traceability, marking and guaranteeing food protection.

We are currently the largest Slovenian company, specialised in the marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables. We skillfully navigate the new local and world challenges with our 120+ employees.