About Us

At the start of 1990, an idea was born about an independent entrepreneurial path. The GEAPRODUKT trgovsko podjetje na debelo in drobno d.o.o. company was established after an elaborate market analysis and contemplation on how to develop an entrepreneurial concept with low capital and a lot of will, which will lead into quick growth and safe business. The company was established 1 March 1990.

Even in the beginning, we specialised in marketing fresh fruit and vegetables; at first as a wholesaler, and after 6 years of business we expanded to 6 retail trades, focusing on the offer of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other foodstuff and beverages. The increasing concentration of chain shops in the Slovenian market dictated a change in our business model – we transformed into completely wholesales company. During the years, we have developed a delivery service to the buyers of various sales segments.
It is with diligent work, the right decisions and careful management of available resources that we have developed from a small entrepreneurial opportunity to the largest distribution company, specialising in fresh fruit and vegetables in Slovenia. We are proud to be classified among the 10 largest distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables in Europe.

The 31 years of business has included adapting, changing, supplementing and improving. During this time we remained true to our slogan: “When pleasures are not sinful”.

Our life, our work and our focus are constantly revolving around fresh fruit and vegetables. Enjoying fresh fruit is not a sin, it is a directive of a healthy lifestyle.

Today, we are a successful family company, specialising in the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables. We develop our own production and processing. We stimulate the sales of dried, packed and canned fruit, vegetables and nuts. We offer the buyers in Slovenia and neighbouring countries quality goods and top delivery service, e-supported business collaboration, fresh Cash & Carry selection in our warehouses in Ljubljana, Maribor and Koper, as well as the comfortable option of shopping from home at our online shop.

We are a contemporary company with business leadership of the younger generation, who is dedicated and focused on developing a modern business model.

Our activity

We are a trading and service company, we are a producer and a processor, we are the GEAPRODUKT d.o.o. company, performing the following activities:

supplying the Slovenian market and markets of neighbouring countries,
import and export,
buying homemade produce,
warehousing of goods in our own cold storage and ripening facilities, equipped with the latest technology,
Cash & Carry for legal entities,
production of microgreens, herbs and perennials,
production of fruit and vegetables,
www.geadostava.si online shop,
comprehensive logistics guaranteeing safe delivery to our buyers’ homes.

Our products

We offer our buyers a diverse selection of products by different brands and various programmes:
fresh fruit and vegetables from different productions:
conventional production,
ecological and integrated production,
production in accordance with the selected quality of Slovenia principles,
cleaned, cut and packed fresh fruit and vegetable from own production,
microgreens, herbs and edible flowers from own production,
canned fruits and vegetables,
dried fruit and nuts.

We are local and sustainable

We collaborate with companies from 47 countries over 6 continents. The most authentic relationships we have are with Slovenian producers of fruit and vegetables. We collaborate with over 300 local producers. Their efforts and perseverance are incredible. It is almost unbelievable that we have Slovenian products as part of our offer every day. Despite the cold, drought, floods and heat from the fields, processing or warehouses, they deliver the agreed local and seasonal goods.
The GEAPRODUKT team’s sustainable attitude is depicted in respecting the generation, which created and developed our company in preserving their values and relationship to work, other people and the environment. In our work and life, we swear by quality and strict consideration of instructions. We are open to innovation, which enables flexibility to everything that comes on our path. Our everyday situation includes behaviours that which positively affect preserving the natural environment and careful waste disposal.

We are bound to quality and security

We monitor the quality of our products and services on a daily basis, and we try to keep our buyers satisfied with our products that are safe for their health and the health of their buyers. Our efforts are expressed with external annual controls. We are certified for:
warehousing, packing, distribution and sales of ECOLOGICALLY PRODUCED fruit and vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, eggs and dried fruits;
warehousing, distribution and sales of fruit and vegetables marked with the SELECTED QUALITY OF SLOVENIA sign;
the own production of microgreens is implemented in accordance with the GLOBALG.A.P. instructions, and we have acquired the GGN 4063061430878 certificate, which confirms it;
we collaborate with producers and develop production with the intention of a GLOBALG.A.P. certification system,
we have the IFS FOOD Standard certification;
in 2021 we plan on introducing the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard;
and we are preparing to acquire the “socially responsible employer” certificate.

Our partners

We function in a business environment that annually keeps expanding in the field of supply as well as sales. Our role in the market is to constantly search for work and innovation enthusiasts who are willing to share and build our success story with us. In the sales department, we are looking for companies with long-term plans; in procurement we are looking for producers with plans of close and long-term collaboration. We develop partnerships in all areas.

Our buyers

Our buyers are chains of shops, the HORECA systems (hotels, restaurants, caterings), budget users (day-care centres, hospitals, senior citizen centres, army bases, prisons), retailers, cooperates and private buyers. We deliver goods to 500–900 different locations daily, and the number of our active buyers is 5,000.
The health and satisfaction of our buyers are the key elements for us. Our online shop (www.geadostava.si) is intended for all households and it contains tasty products as well as great recipes and useful information on nutrition and health.

Our suppliers

We mostly collaborate with fruit and vegetable producers, and our very important partners are the transport providers that perform services for us. We have a number of suppliers for auxiliary material and equipment. We collaborate with repair services for cooling equipment, vehicles and labour machinery. We would also like to mention contractual partners for a clean environment and supply of different energy sources.


We confirm our position as one of the leading companies in the field of distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables on daily basis.
The vision of our company is strengthening the role of the leading subject in the area of fruit and vegetable distribution to all market areas of Slovenia and other neighbouring countries. The company follows a fundamental business objective to create a comprehensive management of business quality and a business plan of the following years is adjusted to this notion.


Diverse selection of quality products

We constantly monitor the needs of the market and adjust our offer. Our priority is a satisfied buyer, and we try to listen to each of them and meet them halfway. The quality of our products and services is monitored every day. We strive to keep the buyers satisfied with our products, which are safe for their health and the health of their buyers. Our efforts are expressed with external annual controls.

Authentic relationships with local producers

We collaborate with companies from 47 countries from all over the world. The most authentic relationships we have are with the Slovenian producers of fruit and vegetables. We collaborate with over 300 local producers. Their efforts and perseverance are incredible.

Trust and long-term collaboration with partners.

As an international importer, seller and distributor of fruits and vegetables, we are a trustworthy and reliable partner to our buyers and suppliers. After many years of successful collaboration, we have developed close relationships with our suppliers and producers in the region as well as the rest of the world. This means we can guarantee our buyers top quality fruit and vegetables. Our business partners are supported with individual, personal and applicable advice that contribute to our long-term success. Our business practice strives to preserve open, constructive relationships in accordance with the principle of considering mutual satisfaction.

Team's sustainable approach

The GEAPRODUKT team’s sustainable attitude is depicted in respecting the generation, which created and developed our company in preserving their values and relationship to work, other people and the environment. In our work and life, we swear by quality and strict consideration of standards.

Our colleagues at GEAPRODUKT are building a long-term career that enables a stable and trustworthy relationship, upgraded with advantages and new opportunities.
Our everyday communication includes motivation, expanding horizons, respecting integrity and privacy. We try to achieve the best results from our colleagues by encouragement and training.

Each act by an individual is a valuable contribution to reaching our objectives.

Speed and flexibility

Knowledge, ability, innovativeness, diligence and resourcefulness give us the advantage of being fast. Our objective is to be first. Not only in sales, but in discovering the new needs in the market. We achieve this with efficient shortening of the development process, quick acquiring of documentation and a coordinated chain from the supply to the distribution.
It is with quick responsiveness and the ability of adjusting that we overcome obstacles set by different market and legislation demands. We can take on any challenge – regardless of the size and location. Our flexible solutions justify the partners’ expectations.

Creativity and efficiency

The path to reach top results is creating a company atmosphere that motivates toward innovativeness and creativity. We encourage our colleagues to speak about their ideas and if they are adequate, they make them happen. We keep looking for new paths toward the satisfaction of our buyers.

The assignments dictated by our working positions are performed as best as possible. We strive to perform our best in what we do, as efficient as possible and as soon as possible.

Creativity and ambition

Working in the company is a challenge for the professional and personal growth, where we constantly learn and set up a foundation for increased creativity. We take time to think, act innovatively and encourage new ideas and award the good ones. We constantly improve our methods of work and results.
Our objectives are high, yet possible to realize. We have the courage to accept obstacles and to learn from our mistakes. We set high objectives on company level and on the level of each individual, where we encourage healthy competitiveness, wish to education and promotion in their work position, and at the same time we strive to reach a balance between work and family.

Responsibility and economy

Our slogan is: “When pleasures are not sinful”.
We always realize accepted obligations and promises, and ensure that the buyer experiences all the pleasures, which are the fruit of our work, organisation and gained knowledge from 30 years of successful work.
We always handle company assets rationally in all circumstances, as if it were our personal property, and at the same time we try to maximise revenue with the lowest cost. Considering that we are oriented towards results, we act toward development, reaching optimal market conditions, constant cost reduction, and a constant search for business opportunities and creating profit.