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How do we protect your data?

We use the data e, cryption by using the SSL safety certificate for protecting data, which are transferred between you and your website. You can check the function of the certificate by clicking the key icon next to the geaprodukt.si link in the address line, and you will be provided with information on the safety of your link.

Our databases are safely stored on the secured servers of the external provider Zabec.net.

Content from other websites

Our websites can contain content, sourced from other, external websites and services (for example YouTube). Our external providers, during the transfer of such content, have the option of creating additional cookies or collecting anonymous data that can be used for their own purposes. We do not undertake any responsibility for such content, cookies and data.

Your rights

If you have ever bought anything on our website or saved data into our system, you have the right to provide a written request to receive a record of any data we have stored on you and your purchases. We can also delete certain data according to the legislation, should you request that as well.


Our website uses cookies for operation. Cookies are small text files, which are uploaded by the website to your computer. They usually contain your settings or similar data, necessary for guaranteeing the functioning of the website or anonymously tracking the statistics of visits to the website, which improves your user experience.

Types of cookies:

  • necessary cookies for website function,
  • own cookies for tracking visit statistics,
  • cookies by external providers (Google, Facebook, YouTube).

The cookies by external providers are anonymised and do not contain your personal data.